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Buyer’s Index was one of the original directories on the internet.  It was formed way back in 1996.
Back when we first started, we were doing things a bit differently.  For each company we put in our directory, we would specify whether they had a catalog and how many pages the catalog had.  At this point, print catalogs are hard to find and no longer even available from most retailers!
Being one of the original directories, we got some pretty cool acclaim along the way.  At one point we were even linked to the from the Library of Congress.    
We evolved over the years and now today, our goal is to keep things very simple.  We offer a directory of resources that are intended to help buyers.  Our resources include actual ecommerce websites, guides for making buying decisions, and price comparisons websites.  If it’s something that could help a buyer, then we’ll consider it for this directory.
For each site in the directory, we have a description that might include some editorial content.  I personally review each new site submission request to make sure it meets our standards and to come up with my own take on what they offer so that our directory offers an unbiased perspective.  I used to work for DMOZ as an editor, so I hold myself to a high editorial standard.
This directory is helpful for buyers, but it’s also helpful for websites looking to get exposure.  Our directory is Google-friendly.  It’s linked to from the websites for New York Times, the University of Oregon, the University of Rochester, and the city of Riverside, California.  
If you have a website and would like to apply for inclusion in the directory, you can click here.